Dear Brent

Dear Brent–

Missed you at the All-School Reunion this summer at Jesup Community Schools.

Amy and I brought the boys in and toured the school. I had not been in the new elementary and middle school since they were built. They knocked down the old elementary school and built the new one in its place. There’s also a new gym. They tell me the new gym is in some of the same spots as the old little gym. Remember playing in that place? What a firetrap.

Anyway, we went through the old part as well, which is still the high school. Noah wanted to see our old locker. I found the area outside of Mr. Hart‘s biology room. I can’t remember the exact number, but I guessed 13. I really made that one a mess for those years.

We then went up to the second floor and Noah even sat in one of those school desks. Hard to believe he will be in those desks soon. He’s getting big in a hurry. He does like the Cubs, so you’d like that. I think we were in Mr. Flaharty’s room. He had a Brett Favre poster up. Remember how he used to say watch out for this guy named Favre, he may be something some day….

The big gym is now the old gym and it was good to see. We saw Freddie Richards and his girlfriend in the halls. He was back with Mark Hamilton.

The all-school reunion was a little older than us. Not many guys from our time. In fact, John Bergman, class of 1995, was the youngest one in the room. I went with Dad and Julie. Dad kept saying over and over how much of a good time he had.

I sat with some of your family, including your Grandma Rose, Aunt Shelly and Aunt Vickie. I hadn’t seen them in more than 10 years. I guess the last time was at your funeral. Both of them had their husbands with them. Vickie’s husband Paul I had met awhile back. He was in radio in Cedar Rapids back then. Now they are both in Seattle working at Microsoft. It was good to see them and chat.

I sure missed seeing you. But then again, I miss you ever day. It is hard to believe it will be 14 years today August since you went on to a better place.

We miss you. But, we know you’re in a better place.

Your friend,


PS, The Cubs need your help, maybe they’ll promote Sandberg to be manager from AAA Iowa. He’s doing a pretty good job down here.

Brent was killed in a motor vehicle crash on August 25, 1996, or 14 years ago tonight. He’s survived by his parents Rod and LuAnn, brothers Grant and Kelley, and sister Amber (Chancey). I first wrote about Brent in this post about March Madness not being the same without him.


2 thoughts on “Dear Brent

  1. I know you miss him. I’m sure he would be very proud of you for all of your accomplishments, and he sure would have loved Noah and Levi!

  2. Paul, I am glad that Brent had a best friend like you. Your letter to Brent brought tears to my eyes. I know that Brent is watching over us and he would be very proud of you. Love LuAnn

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