And the Emmy goes to…

Several Iowa media outlets were nominated for an Emmy award this weekend.

Most of Iowa is included in the Upper Midwest region based in Minneapolis.

I’ll start with my friends here at Iowa Public Television and their nominees.

  • Documentary – Historical Iowa’s Radio Homemakers: Up a Country Lane, IPTV (Deb Herbold, Producer, Rick Fuller, David Feingold, Brian Vandell)
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs – Single Story/Feature/Segment, Honor Flight Carries Heroes From Rural America (Andrew Batt, Steve Carns)
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs-Program/Special/Series The Iowa Journal, IPTV (Nancy Crowfoot, Nancy Heather Brown, Judy Blank and Paul Yeager)
  • Community/Public Service (PSA) – Single Spot, By the Numbers: Fiscal Year End Appeal, IPTV (Theresa Knight)
  • Editor – Program (Non-News), Brian Vandell, IPTV
  • Writer – Program (Non-News), Debra Herbold, IPTV

The others are listed for the state of Iowa. This includes KGAN and KCRG in Cedar Rapids, KWWL in Waterloo and KCCI and WHO in Des Moines, plus KTIV in Sioux City. Communication Research Institute is based in Oskaloosa.

  • Newscast – Daytime – Markets 21-140 CBS 2 This Morning KGAN-TV
  • Newscast – Daytime – Markets 141+ Siouxland’s News Channel 4 KTIV-TV
  • Newscast – Evening – Markets 21-140 CBS 2 News KGAN-TV
  • Newscast – Evening – Markets 21-140 KWWL News At Five KWWL-TV
  • Newscast – Evening – Markets 141+ Siouxland’s News Channel 4, KTIV
  • Newscast – Weekend Markets 21-140 CBS 2 News, KGAN
  • Newscast – Weekend – Markets 141+ 232 Memorial KTIV
  • General Assignment Report – No Time Limit, Honor Flight, KCCI
  • General Assignment Report – No Time Limit Left for Dead, KGAN
  • Breaking News – River Rescue, KCCI
  • Continuing Coverage – Within 24 Hours Ed Thomas, KCCI
  • Feature/Human Interest – Series- Hope for Haiti, KCCI (Eric Hanson)
  • Business/Consumer: Single Story/Feature/Segment- Sky High, KGAN
  • Politics/Government: Single Story/Feature/Segment- Up in Smoke, KGAN
  • Sports – Single Story/Feature/Segment- Jory’s Fight off the Field, KGAN
  • Sports – Program Series (Outside of news)- Harrison Barnes: Eye of the Storm, KCCI
  • Sports – One-Time Special Pigskin Preview- KIMT
  • Weather – Weathercast Mark Schnackenberg- KWWL
  • Weather – Continuing Coverage Severe Weather- Blizzard Coverage KCRG
  • Weather – Continuing Coverage Severe Weather- Blizzard of ’09, KCCI
  • Children (12 & Under) – Program/Special/Series KIDS SHOW (Episode #10)- Communication Research Institute
  • Teen (13 and up) – Program/Special/Series Teen- Eyes on the Road, KCRG
  • Health/Science/Environmental: Single Story/Feature/Segment- Princess Jenna, KCRG
  • Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – Single Story/Feature/Segment- Waterloo Cemetery, KCRG
  • Military – Single Story/Feature/Segment, War Wounds- KCRG
  • Military – Program/Special/Series, Life after War- WHO-TV
  • Military – Program/Special/Series, Poisoned Patriots- KGAN
  • Magazine-Program/Special/Series, 13 Cares- WHO
  • Promotion: Sports-Single Spot, Football Friday- WHO
  • Promotion: Sports-Single Spot, RVTV- WHO
  • Station Excellence – Markets 21-140- KCRG
  • Director – Newscast Megan Osborn- KCCI
  • Editor – News – No Time Limit, Nick Moron- KGAN
  • Promotion: News Promo – Campaign, Your Eastern Iowa Campaign- KWWL
  • Writer – News, Megan Osborn- KCCI
  • On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News, Tiffany O’Donnell- KGAN
  • Photographer – News – No Time Limit- KCCI
  • Photographer – Sports – Within 24 Hours (Single Camera Only)- Matt Nelson, KCRG
  • Photographer – Sports – No Time Limit (Single Camera Only)- Matt Nelson, KCRG
  • Community/Cable/Public Access – Newscast Edited- CRI Weekly News, Communication Research Institute

The full list is visible here.
The awards are handed out in September.


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