Tuesday at the Fair

There’s only one Tuesday at the Iowa State Fair. I’m headed out for a shoot this afternoon.

This will be my attempt to chronicle the day.

1010a departing in our shuttle van in the rain.

Clyde is driving us in the rain.
My passenger is the star of IPTV, Mr. Dan Wardell. His story times are 11, 1 and 3 in the Varied Industries building.

1040a at the IPTV booth. Of course Dan ran into my mother already. Joellen is almost a super fan of Dan’s.

1102a I did convince my parents to eat early. Actually it was my mom who said she was hungry. Good thing we had our umbrellas as the line was long to get into the cattlemen’s barn.

1230p time to actually work. I’m covering the wood chopping event at Pioneer Hall. The rain is forcing the event inside.

138p wood chopping is underway outside in the elements. Nice crowd in the rain.

227p All done with our shoot. Phil and I are soaked. My feet haven’t been this wet since I sweat thru my socks on opening day Thursday.

Phil and I ran into Mr Fair Mark Pearson.

317p Ran into John Pemble of Iowa Public Radio. He was out doing stories for IPR and JohnPemble.com. We did an interview and even got a picture to mark the occasion.


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