Shots of Templeton Rye and the Nada’s

Sounds like a pretty good Saturday night to you, right?

Now before you go calling Clark Kauffman on me, just remember, I was shooting video Saturday night at Templeton Rye‘s annual Rock & Rye event.

This is the third time the public could go on a tour of the whiskey maker in Templeton, Iowa, enjoy free samples, with a paid admission to the event, music, beverages and a concert by Iowa’s band, The Nada‘s. Templeton is in western Iowa off Highway 71 and 141 in Carroll County.

Warehouse of Templeton Rye barrels.

This shoot was part of the “Iowa’s Simple Pleasures.” The story on Templeton Rye will be in season two of the show on Iowa Public Television.

Saturday was a chance to get video of people taking the tour from Keith Kerkhoff and Scott Bush. I’ll take Dan, the host of the show, there later. We’ll have to schedule a trip to “The Still” for lunch. From what my co-worker Tiffany says, is THE place to eat in Templeton. I think that statement has double meaning.

This was a bittersweet day as Keith’s father, Meryl passed away earlier in the week. Meryl was the big connection to the history of Templeton Rye. His son, Keith, is now that link to guys like Scott, Kevin and Michael.

Jason Walsmith on stage Saturday in Templeton.

Jason Walsmith of the Nada’s has taken up the role of unofficial historian for Templeton Rye. He is listed as the creative director of TR. The band still wants to travel in the Templeton Rye bus to concerts across the country. But Meatloaf is in need of your help.

Templeton Rye is hard to describe in words, but it has reached folk status. Right now the product is only for sale in Illinois and Iowa.

Bottle labels ready for the next batch of TR.

The product is hard to get in Iowa, as demand has shot up dramatically. Aged whiskey takes time. The distillery has grown and keeps getting bigger.

TR is hard to find in Iowa right now, but that should change a bit this winter when the latest batch, started in 2006 is available for sale. Templeton Rye takes 4 years to age properly in the oak barrels.

Beginning in November and December, TR will make its way into bottles and to store shelves near you.

To show you how short supplied the product is, check out this graph from the TR blog. (Click on graph to get full size).

Jason Walsmith has been on The Iowa Journal before, so we chatted that up Saturday. He was taking pictures of the tours and I taking pictures for you to watch at home.

Late Saturday after I was traipsing around town for the perfect shot, I found out the Nada’s wanted to make a special announcement before performing their Templeton Rye song. Jason made the tribute on-stage to Meryl. We will see if we can post that video later.

Current label for Templeton Rye.

The concert was the main part of the Rock & Rye celebration. Did I mention they brought 2 tour buses from Des Moines for the event? Lots of interest in TR.

Another fun story to share. Look closely at your bottle of Templeton Rye. If you want to know who the guys behind the label are, just look at the label. That’s Keith on the right and the boys from the operation on the left. That shot is a re-enactment of the old label.

By the way, if you’re the farmer on the south side of town whose cornfield I was in Saturday trying to get that perfect shot of town, keep an eye out for an IPTV ID tag for Paul Yeager. Go ahead and send it back to Johnston and I’ll get you a prize back for your efforts.


2 thoughts on “Shots of Templeton Rye and the Nada’s

  1. If you want excellent food, great service and price you won’t find in the big city, then The Still IS the place to be! I highly recommend the Stroganoff Burger, which comes with a dessert!

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