Kids Are Funny

The old TV show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things” is true. Whether said to Bill Cosby, who by the way is NOT dead, or Art Linkletter, who by the way IS dead, the TV show was a hit.

I even get my kids to say funny things. Noah’s flying joke anyone?

And kids used to re-enact things shows the absurdity of the show.

Case in point, the kids from

I don’t watch MTV’s Jersey Shore, but I know enough about the show to find this one funny.

I’ve talked about my obsession with TMZ before, so this one is funny for me. I really like the Grover appearance. Also check out the camera height of the paps.

The first time I came across this site was because of the kids re-enacting the first Thanksgiving.

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show used to use kids to read Fox News Reports.

And if you poke around Babelgum you’ll come across this link to the Jewell undercover karaoke performance. Great stuff from the guys. The same ones that pitted Wil Farrell against Ruth the Landlord.

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