Levi’s Senior Pictures

Levi 1

Summer is the time for senior pictures. We’re all tan, in shape and full of rest ahead of our senior year.

Levi is ready for this senior year by the looks of these pictures. Just imagine that the slide pole is a tree that every leans up against or puts their hand up on for their traditional senior picture pose.

I was just fooling around in the park the other day and got lucky with these shots. There are days when he can really smile. And we thought Noah was a smiley child, Levi is doing his part to keep up the smiling Yeager tradition. I’m sure none of this comes from their mother and her perma-smile.

Levi 2

Enjoy my little man. All 10-months of him. We sure do. He started off as a tank, but no seems to be leveling off a bit on the growing and weight gain. Soon, he’ll be eating Noah’s lunch. Then Levi will eat Noah.

Speaking of eating, Levi is now ready for table food. At least that’s what he thinks as he eats cheese. Last night, he was trying the crust of the Northern Light’s Pizza.

His teeth are starting to come in a bit more. He’s got one on top to go along with those bottom two. He should have two top teeth by the end of the week.

Levi 3

He enjoys walks to the park with Cheerios and big brother’s company. But he’s not a huge fan of water at the splash park, at least, not yet.

He’s big into sleeping all night. But not so much on taking naps.

He also likes to drink bottles to the last drop.

But now he’s into cruising.

Levi 4

Cruising is not scooping the loop, but rather pulling oneself up on furniture and using the furniture as the crutch to walk. You see the technique a lot on a Saturday night in most dorm rooms, but Levi uses this a lot to get around.

Last night he was using a chair as a blocking sled and just pushed the chair the length of the deck while chopping his feet, driving, driving, driving.

So which shot do you like?


8 thoughts on “Levi’s Senior Pictures

  1. #3 is my vote. He has his “own” look there. All of the pictures are adorable…..but then again, an Aunt can be a little predjudiced….

  2. Difficult to choose but I will vote for #3. He has a sparkle in his eyes. # 2 is a close second, showing a playful side.

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