Levi turns 10 and a BLT

Levi 10
Levi is an active 10 months.

The 27th of July marked 10 months of our little Levi in the world.

He’s an active little boy and at the busy stage. He makes life interesting.

He can crawl, stand on his own, cruise and may be walking soon. He’s also got two teeth on the bottom and two starting to break through on the top. That has made him a little more ornery this week, but we’ll get past it.

His hair isn’t quite blonde yet, but it is getting close. We did get a second haircut for Levi this weekend.

Noah has his first BLT.

Noah was very blonde at this age.

Now he just eats BLTs. He likes bacon. Lettuce is tolerable, but tomatoes are ‘yucky’ in his words. He started with all ingredients, but lifted the tomatoes after a few bites.

He does like bacon, I’ll give him that. Maybe we’ll head to Baconfest later this year.

I think the only reason Noah ate as much as he did, I said that me and his Aunt Kris used to eat them a lot growing up.


One thought on “Levi turns 10 and a BLT

  1. Tell Noah–BLT’s are his Aunt Julie’s favorite sandwhiches. I CRAVED them when I was pregnant w/ Paige 🙂

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