What’s in the water?

Looks like I’ll have to write a post about all the pregnancies in TV news in Iowa.

Jeriann Ritter announced this morning on WHO-TV13 that she’s expecting baby number two.

That news comes as Channel 13 morning reporter Megan Reuther is due to deliver baby number three this fall.

Plus you’ve got Emily Price and Amanda Lewis pregnant at KCCI with Molly Nelson and Katie Ward already mammas.

And Amanda Krenz just delivered her second baby with her co-anchor Rachel Pierce just returning to WOI-TV from maternity leave.

That’s a whole lotta babies.

So, what’s in the water at these places? It really is a baby boom in local TV news. Usually it was everyone but the news talent that would have children.


One thought on “What’s in the water?

  1. Wow! I went to a Lunch and Learn over at the Greater DSM Partnership on Thursday to learn more about today’s media and Dave Price was one of the guests. He was on “cellphone” standby in case Emily went into labor.

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