Shoved, egged and hacked. Did I mention poo?

It was night for CBS affiliates in Iowa.

First off, KGAN takes the prize for two big stories to get you talking.

The first involved a CBS2 TV crew. They were shoved, on camera, while talking to the mother of a teen accused of vandalizing at Kingston Stadium. Reporter Chris Jose knocked on the front door, photojournalist Kenny Becker had the camera rolling and got this exchange.

He was just wanting answers, but what he got was a whole lot more. That’s why you knock on the door, you never know what you’re going to get.

Like getting egged. They were also egged while on the story in Cedar Rapids.

KGAN-TV also had another story to get you talking.

This one was a little more ewww factor. Maybe this will help set the tone. Always good to post parts from Caddyshack.

This tweet was posted earlier in the day by reporter Kelly O’Connell.

She went to a Cedar Rapids pool to report on the problem with solids and liquids showing up in the pool. She talked to a couple of parents in the story that covers baby blowouts, diapers, poop, pee and many other things.

Here’s here story.

The third story involves the CBS station out of Des Moines, KCCI-TV8.

And KCCI’s Eric Hanson shared his on-line nightmare as his account was hacked last week. He was able to put a creative spin on the story to say what happened.

I did get the email from Eric last week. He’s had that hotmail account for years. I mean, it goes back to right after he left Wartburg and his days at KWWL-TV. It was a simple account. It doesn’t matter that I told you his email, it is now a hacked account.

Eric had to remake a hotmail and facebook account because of this mess. But how do know that was the REAL Eric Hanson not a scam? They can do tricks with camera angles, you know. I never did see how big his feet were.

See, a KCCI story with no mention of Bryan Karrick leaving KCCI. Or did I just do that now?

BTW, his replacement has been named. Wes Callison is coming to KCCI from WWMT-TV in Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Michigan. He’s their weekend morning meteorologist.


One thought on “Shoved, egged and hacked. Did I mention poo?

  1. So, that’s why I got his email that he was stranded and needed me to wire money. That stinks! I had somebody hack my website once and put in xxx pics…took me way too many hours to fix…hackers suck.

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