So, we’re at this parade….

Ankeny PD's old-time squad car had to take a break in the Summerfest Parade 2009.

If you like to see error free parades, don’t ask me or my family to attend with you.

Last year at Ankeny’s Summerfest parade, it was the old Ankeny Police squad car that died in front of us. Thanks to the beefy parade goers, the car was quickly pushed off to the side. I think they said the battery was dead or it had overheated.

I guess I should have offered the consulting advice of the ‘show must go on’ mantra this year at the Summerfest Parade. That may have helped what I’m about to tell you.

Ankeny's Summerfest Parade 2010

This year we sat in a different location for the third time in 3 years. We’re still looking for that great place to watch the 2 hour commercial of Ankeny’s great businesses. The groups in this parade really know how to hand out information their business.

One of my favorite floats is the movie theatre that hands out popcorn. MMMMM, popped popcorn.

About an hour in, a pick up truck pulling a boat stopped in front of us. The driver looked frustrated as he shut of the engine and the steam rolled out from under the hood and under the engine.

I first thought he’d overheated. It was pushing the mid-80s by this time already and he wasn’t moving that fast to generate cool air on the engine.

But, the driver just started telling people on his float to get out of the boat and he also told the floats behind him to go around.

So, like a good show, the parade went on.

But our view was blocked. That kind of put the end of our parade experience, which was fine since it was starting to get hot.

Eventually the crew of this float unhooked and pushed the truck out the way and another truck came in to pull the boat.

No need to mention the business, just look at the picture.

At least the float with the stripper pole didn’t get stuck in front of us.

3 thoughts on “So, we’re at this parade….

  1. The stripper pole was certainly an attention getter. Did you see the Great Clips girls pushing the shopping cart in front of the parade? Amused that they were willing to hijack the parade and go ahead of everyone.

    If you are looking to go 4 for 4 on places to sit – move a little north next year and hit my back yard.

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