Day 6- Day of Delays

Grandma Honey with two of her Yeager grandsons.

Day 6 was scheduled to the final day of the Yeager Boys Home Alone 3. For awhile though, it looked like we were going into extra innings.

We did start off right by having pancakes with Grandma Honey. A big thanks to her for, as what Noah calls, “a sleepover.”

I guess I did jinx Amy’s return home. I told co-worker John Torpy all our delays and cancellations have been used up because of the volcano in the YBHA2.

A look inside the new Jacobson Exhibition Arena at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

John and I were at the Iowa State Fairgrounds today working on a feature piece. The plan was to have Amy’s folks pick her up at the airport today. Wil and Paula were not as involved this trip because we want to make sure Wil continues his recovery from last month’s time in the hospital. He’s doing better, but no need to unleash the Yeager Boys on them all week.

Back to the delay… I should have said we were in the clear AFTER her plane was on the ground in Des Moines.

Amy was a few feet from being in the air, but a maintenance problem forced the plane to turn around, after is shoved off from the gate at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Then her and the other 3 in the travel party, boarded another plane. Did I mention she was again traveling with her boss, Gary? I think we’re done letting those two travel together as delays are starting to become commonplace.

That one too, had mechanical issues. So, United got the Deere 4 on an American Airlines flight for Des Moines.

What you talking about, Noah?

I brought the boys home from school, got them fed and ready for whatever time Amy was going to come home. If it was decent hour, I wanted to make sure the boys got to see their mom tonight and not have to wait until morning. You can see there was more food on them than in them. Noah has stopped using his fork.

About 6p we loaded up and headed for the airport and I was hoping Levi would sleep a bit and even a few ZZZs from Noah would do his body good. Sure enough, both fell asleep on the ride and were fresh for when we finally got mommy off the plane.

Levi again clung to Daddy at the airport, not sure who this woman was with his brother. I’m sure by 9 AM Saturday, Levi will again be a momma’s boy.

It was only a 4 hour delay. We’ll take that over 6 days every time.


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