Day 5 – A trip out

How old does this guy look?

This will be a short post on Day 5. I’m just getting done with talking to Grandma Honey. When Yeager’s gather, there’s a requirement that no one goes to bed before 11.

My mom came down to watch the boys tonight while I had a call committee meeting at church. She got to spend a little time with the boys, her oldest and youngest grandsons. Actually, she could have picked any of her kids to help this week. 3 of us were left at home this week, while the 4th one was who travelled out-of-town.

Doesn't everyone have a TV camera come with them to the museum?

Noah and I made a special trip to the Science Center of Iowa Thursday. We were needed for an IPTV shoot on the space program. I think the video may be used in September.

So, Noah and I got  a free look around some of the exhibits.

This included the area where you make a rocket and you get to launch it. I took this video of one of Noah’s launches.

We also got to take in exploring the planets and the moons. The telescopes were a bit over Noah’s head, so he and I mostly played with legos. About half-way through this section, Noah decided to get sad, saying he didn’t want to go back to school. He gets that way on field trips when one of us goes along with him on the trip. He did it for me at the zoo and with Amy when she went to Toy Story 3 last month.

But, Noah got better and we went back to school so I could get to work.

Levi had another good day. Grandma got to put him to bed. She also put Noah to bed as well. I’m still not sure what questions he asked her, but maybe if she had a walking stick.

Amy is scheduled to come home Friday. No volcanoes yet. We’ll see if something else will cause delay to YBHAIII.


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