The Stall

Tonight’s final question from Noah, “When you walk with a stick, will you still be my Dad?”

This is one of the many questions of a 4-year-old at bedtime.

Noah is just trying to drag out bedtime as long as possible. Kids don’t want to give into sleep. How quickly they’ll understand that they should be trying to go to sleep  sooner than later.

He drags out many things as part of his bedtime routine.

It is cute and I know it will end soon and soon he won’t want anything to do with us at bedtime.

I remember when Noah and Levi were babies and I wanted to hold them to sleep. Now you can’t hold either one when they are asleep or even to sleep, but it is fun to think back to those days.

Today was another uneventful day, but similar to last night that included a trip to the church nursery. Thanks to the Sieck girls for allowing the Yeager boys to be the entertainment.

I did take Levi to the doctor today for a pre-screening for his procedure next week. Levi will be getting tubes in his ears next week. Taking one child to the doctor is not much work. Taking 2 is a challenge. But if you were like one mom in the waiting room today, 3 was a circus.

Noah was starting to want his mommy. So, the next couple of days of YBHAIII will be a challenge before Amy returns from Germany.

Tomorrow, Grandma Honey comes for a visit.

***Quick folo to yesterday’s post on Levi.

I asked my mother if Levi looked like I did as a kid. She said, “no, he’s more like you as a climber and goer, but still looks like Levi.”


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