Levi means active

Parents of two children or more will tell you that each child is different. You think, right, you’re just saying that.

How true that is.

Even if from the same stock, there will be something different about each child.

Our boys do have some similarities, but each is different.

Levi is more aggressive, more curious and carries more pounds on the frame.

He’s 9-months of pure motion.

He sits up on his own.

He crawls.

He makes life interesting.

During Amy’s first trip away from the boys, Levi was pretty good about staying on the blanket and not needing much supervision. He made up for it in not sleeping much through the night.

The second trip was still a balance of some rough sleeping, but a little more motion.

Now he’s all movement. Noah likes to call him Mr. Grabby Hands. If it were only the hands. But it is a whole lot more.

Levi’s movement is fun to see how his personality is revealed in his actions.

When he wanders to where he’s not supposed to, he looks back, grins and keeps at it. Kind of like when he makes it to the electric cords, which he seems to be attracted to like a fat kid to cookie dough ice cream.

We’ve got electric outlet covers, but we may have to baby-proof the house a whole lot more.

Now we have to keep watch as he starts to climb the stairs. We’ve got baby gates at the top, but now we’ll have to put some on the bottom of the steps. He’s got no fear and I’m sure he’ll be at the top of some, make that every staircase he can find. He already did that Sunday at Alane’s house.

Today was fairly painless. We went to church and the boys went to the nursery as I was in the choir as we had a run-through with a new choir director candidate. We will do the same thing tomorrow as well.

LeviI’m not alone in the single parenting thing. Two of my sisters are doing the same thing this week.

So, we’re all just having a ball on the Yeager Boys Home Alone III.

I wonder what adventures we can find tomorrow?

Thank you for taking time to read these crazy dispatches from the Yeager Homestead. The boys say hello.


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