This was supposed to be Levi’s night

Levi swing
Levi taking a turn in the swing.

Day 2 was a fairly smooth one.

All parties involved were feeling out their positions in how this week will shape up as part of YBHAIII. We went to school and work and even had a little fun at the park as the boys got to hop in the swing for a bit.

I was all ready to tell you all how Levi started attempting to climb the stairs. He started the process during Day 1 while at Morgan‘s birthday party.

But, Noah decided he wanted another turn in the spotlight.

I knew I would have to mow the lawn at least once while Amy was gone. It just so happened it rained cats and dogs plus a few squirrels today (during the time I was having lunch with Jon and Angie Millman who were visiting from New Jersey) and that meant I would have to mow tonight because the lawn would now take off and reach for the sky.

Now, I can’t leave Noah and Levi alone while I cut the grass, but I can call in Grandma Paula in for backup. I had her come over by 8 to just sit in the house as I mowed. The plan was to have both boys asleep so she could have a calm night of just sitting in a quiet house. She did have that as neither boy made a sound while I was mowing.

I stepped off the lawn in a record 50 minutes and as soon as I came in the door, I heard Noah crying. I ran upstairs to get him quiet before he would wake Levi. All I could make out from Noah was him saying he “couldn’t see me anymore.” He said “I saw you mow then I couldn’t.”

He spent the entire 50 minutes watching me mow from his window. It is now 9 PM and he’s just finally going to sleep. I’m sure he’ll sleep in Tuesday morning to the crack of 630 and be cranky.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll get to the story of the amazing climbing 9-month-old.

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