Goodbye and Hello to YBHAIII

Amy, Noah and Levi
Noah, Amy and Levi prior to departure.

Here we go again.

Time for another set of fun-filled action moments of the Yeager Boys Home Alone. This time it is installment III.

Amy is en-route to Germany for a week of intense meetings, so me and the boys will do our part to stay out of the hospitals, bars and of course, McDonald’s.

Noah is ready to cheer for Team Holland.

The day started early as Amy had to head to work to get some things done before jetting off this afternoon. So, I started the boys off to breakfast, no chocolate chip pancakes today, just good old eggs. I normally dress the boys in the mornings before school, so today was no different, except we got to wear more of our ‘fun’ clothes. I pulled out Noah’s gift from Amy’s last trip. When she looking for presents for the boys, she found a soccer jersey. It was fitting that it was from Holland as the Netherlands played Spain in the World Cup Final today. So, Noah was really hip and didn’t even know it.

Before we left, we took a picture with her and the boys. We did that when she went to Brazil. No problems on that trip. We didn’t get the group picture before she went to Holland, that proved to be the voodoo on this one as she got a few bonus days abroad.

Then we drove to the airport and dropped off Amy. Noah is getting used to the drill and the airport. Noah even got stopped outside the airport as someone noticed his Holland soccer shirt. The woman had her team Holland shirt on as well.

Morgan's cake.

The first adventure of our day was really the only thing on the docket today, cousin Morgan‘s birthday. This was the cake my sister Alane made for the event. Awesome, right?

Nothing like a little family to spell relief or enjoy the baby. The boys were good, Levi just wanted to do what 9-month-olds do, grab and get in the middle of things.

Cousins minus Noah
The Yeager cousins, minus Noah. We'll photoshop in later in the back right.

Noah had a major meltdown in the afternoon when it was time for the cousin’s picture. I try to get one each time all 6 are together. Today, Noah wanted to hold the bat in the back of the picture and when that didn’t happen, he melted into a puddle of crying 4-year-old. I’ll just have to photoshop him in as the others cooperated.

Even Levi was a trooper in the warm conditions. I’ll give Noah some benefit, we skipped nap and we were running low on food in the system.

Following the party, we made a quick stop to the grocery store where we set off the shoplifting alarms and kept going with our receipt in our hands. It happens often at that store.

The boys are in bed and hopefully the yahoo’s shooting off their own fireworks here won’t wake them up.

The best thing Amy said as she said her goodbyes at the airport was to Levi. She said, “I wonder what you’ll be doing when I come back.”

That story tomorrow.


One thought on “Goodbye and Hello to YBHAIII

  1. hate to say it Paul but I am glad Spain won. I was in Brasil when Netherlands “beat” Brasil when actually a player for the Brasil team scored the winning goal for the Netherlands – miserable and bet he’ll never live that one down. I love the pics of Amy and the boys. You’ve got such a lovely family. Stay out of the hospital, ok….McDonalds while she’s gone can’t be that bad, right?

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