My birthday

There's always reason to celebrate one's birthday. Especially with the old box that keeps things cold and Mike G.

I’ve reflected a bit as this birthday approached.

Not about my age or anything, but how I’ve celebrated July 1.

Each year around the holidays Amy and I try to remember what exactly we did for last year, the year before and the year before that. After awhile, they start to melt together. We don’t do the same thing each year, so the tradition is always slightly in motion.

My birthday is the same way. I can’t quite remember each one.

Here’s a look back at a few of my birthday memories that I can recall.

Birth: arrived around 11 AM so my doctor could enjoy the 4th of July. Mom was tired.
1st: Had a big bruise on my nose from falling down a few days before.

A few I’m not sure on the exact year:

Returned from Ewalu Bible camp to attend the funeral of a classmate’s sister.
Went to Applebee’s for a birthday lunch. I think that was the one and only time someone sang Happy Birthday to me at a restaurant. This is why I never dine with friends on my birthday. Especially places that sing.

I was in driver’s ed on birthday when I turned 16, but didn’t get my license for a couple of days until the class was over. So, no ‘driving on my 16th birthday’ to write about here.

Waterloo's Riverfront Stadium.

The high school baseball season was always in full swing on my birthday. We usually had a game. One year we played at Riverfront Stadium in Waterloo against Ed-Co. The boys from Edgewood and Colesburg joined us for the fun that day. I think we won both games pretty easily.

Wolfman Jack died on this day in 1995.

1995 I was working at KWAY radio in Waverly when we found out Wolfgang Jack died. Always fun to be in radio when a radio legend dies on your birthday.

1996 I turned 21 and celebrated with a nice dinner at Christopher’s in Des Moines with my sister Alane. No 21 shots in 21 minutes. I saved that for the night before Michael Graham’s wedding.

2001 Started my first full day as Mr. Paul Yeager. Amy and I started opened presents and took off on our honeymoon that day. We had a nice cake to celebrate with those stuck watching us open place settings, mixing bowls and picnic baskets.

Lis and I
My 4th sister Lis and I having our 30/30 party.

When I turned 30, I celebrated with my 4th sister Lis as we had a joint 30th party at the Erickson ranch in Denver. That was probably the biggest party I’d had.

There’s been a few other trips to the ballpark in Davenport and Des Moines. I think that’s where I’ll end up tonight to see the I-Cubs.

Other notable things about July 1? Princess Diana was also born this day. Also Dan Aykroyd, Alan Ruck (Cameron on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and Pamela Anderson.

It’s also the day new laws take effect in Iowa. That’s always fun.

Have I been with you on my birthday? What did we do?

Also today, my pal Frank will be laid to rest.

Thank you to all for the kind words, cards, gifts and celebrations over the years. It means a lot. Including this greeting from my boys.


One thought on “My birthday

  1. Yes, I remember when you were born, Paul.

    One birthday memory I have is being told I’d be a Grandma for the first time!

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