Videos: June 22, 2010

The good folks at Iowa Public Television have put together this spot. I’m pretty sure you’ll learn something about your statewide network that you didn’t know before.

Are you ready to make your support public for IPTV?

Now to another great find on the internet. This one is a true webgem. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I love the good folks at KWWL-TV. Now you can have the two together. This was purely put together for fun. A huge thanks to everyone’s friend and Waterloo native, Romelle Slaughter, or @RHS76 for sharing this one. You’ll think of Ron Steele and Rick Coleman in a whole new light.

If you’ve missed some of my previous video posts, you still have a chance.
Did you miss Chris Hassel dressed as Cornhusker?

Maybe the 8-month-old hearing for the first time?
Or a baseball manager going nuts on the field

The PR guy who gets too close?
Or the bad TV reporter stand up

And still one of my favorites, Jim Brockmire.


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