Noah has a ball on the Reading Roadtrip 2010

Dan Wardell plays to a full house at the Ankeny library. See any pirates in this picture?

A few pirates were not going to stand in our way from seeing the amazing Dan Wardell of Iowa Public Television fame.

This is the third time Noah has been to a Dan Story Time or the official name of Reading Roadtrip. I took Noah last year and Amy’s brother Brian took Noah the year before that.

I’ve gushed about Dan before and the job he does (even again this week with his big news story).

Dan moves so fast, you can't catch a focused shot during his storytime.

His energy is incredible. He connects with the kids. He has a simple message. Shut off the TV, go out and play and eat healthy foods. He does an incredible service for IPTV all across the state.

Last year, Noah brought in batteries that were to be used for this year’s show. This year he brought in the shark. No spoiler here, not going to say what the shark is for. But I’ve told you sharks and pirates so far, how many more clues do you need?

Two years ago Noah got his picture in the Ankeny paper.

Noah gets his picture in the paper again. (Photo from

This year, Noah again made the fish wrap. I think this picture was when I got called to the stage to do my pirate sound. This was after Noah had been called up to make his pirate sound for the huge crowd.

The big gift this year is much quieter than last year’s kazoo. The door giveaway is a beach ball. The interactive part of this gift is Dan wants kids to have their picture taken with the ball in far, fun places. So, if you go on vacation, take the ball, take a picture and send it to Dan.

Noah shows off his Dan beach ball.

Here’s our first picture, Noah going back to his daycare. Not exciting, but the summer has just begun.

Here’s where you find a link to the story times coming to your area. This is the Dantastic blog on The story is a little over the head of toddlers. But they will still have a good time. Even babies come to the event. Once you hit 3 to say 8, your child would really like the Dan experience. I highly recommend taking his Reading Road Trip at least once this summer.

But I am biased.

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