Dan, Chris and the unwritten rules

(Image from WHOTV.com)

I feel sometimes I’ve become a press agent for friends. But that is part of the fun, sharing information with others who might not otherwise see it.

The first is a video by Chris Hassel. This is Chris as a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan talking about the Husker’s move to the Big 10 from the Big 12. I believe the official name of the video is “A Cornhusker Fan gives His Take on Big 10 Expansion.”
The video is a little offensive, but funny. Chris can certainly stay in character. Here again is the link. It is from Sunday’s SoundOff on WHO-TV. Chris’ video may come back again at someday. Keith Murphy said earlier today this video is a huge hit on WHOTV.com.

Dan Wardell featured in Des Moines

The next item comes from a current co-worker featuring Dan Wardell. He’s featured in the Father’s Day issue of Des Moines’ Juice. Dan is in the middle of his reading road trip. Thursday he’ll be in Ankeny at the Kirkendall Library for IPTV.

Will we see you there? I know Noah and I are planning to go and see the giant story Dan has created this year.

The Baseball Codes - Jason Turbow

And now a book written by a friend’s friend. It is called The Baseball Codes, written by Jason Turbow and Michael Duca. Turbow is not from Iowa, but his wife is and a graduate of West Des Moines Valley High School. Turbow will be in Iowa later this summer, so expect to see more on this story as the days go by.

A big thanks to Dave Feingold for the tip on the baseball book.

Now I’ve got to read that one and The Bullpen Gospels by Dirk Hayhurst.


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