Levi gets a haircut

Noah and Levi pose for the 'before' haircut picture.

A head of Yeager hair carries high expectations.

You can’t treat it like an average head of hair.

Afterall, it must be able to withstand 45 MPH wind, hail, rain, snow, boring sportscasts and still look fantastic.

Yeager hair care is good fodder for friends, so we’ll run with it.

Levi had a few strands of hair that never fell out of his head. So, for a while, they looked out-of-place. Now the rest of his head had caught up and was also turning blond. So, it was time for a cut.

Noah before his first haircut. He was 13 months.

Noah didn’t get his first haircut until after his first birthday.

It looked more like a mullet when we finally got it cut. We had to used Skittles to get through those first several haircuts.

Now, Noah is the life of the party when he walks into Cost Cutters. He loves to get it cut. That could have something to do with the toy he gets at the end of each haircut and maybe the candy.

Levi covers his eyes during his haircut.

Levi didn’t really know what was happening, but was great. I held him during the haircut and Amy had to resort to a few versions of Patty Cake to keep him calm.

He did pretty good, even taking hold of Amy’s sunglasses to keep calm. That has become his thing, grabbing sunglasses.

Levi oozes cuteness.

Here now, the final product.

Our little boy named Levi.

He’s only 8 months.

Now he looks like he’s almost a year.


3 thoughts on “Levi gets a haircut

  1. Seriously … can that bottom photo of Levi be any cuter? I can’t remember Noah’s mullet – only his sideburns.

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