Summer at IPTV

The view from behind home as IPTV was at Modern Woodman Park in Davenport in 2009.
Summer means road trips for Iowa Public Television.
Many of us hit the road for various projects.

There’s getting ready for the Iowa State Fair with some prep pieces (any ideas click here), Iowa’s Simple Pleasures and Saturday in the Park in Sioux City. Maybe more Lenka this year?

Dan Wardell brings the squid show to Ankeny.
Then there’s the real Iowa Traveller, (sorry Cary J) Dan Wardell. He gets to almost every library in Iowa during the summer months.
This week Dan goes to Council Bluffs, Hamburg, Essex, Lenox (home of O. Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa), Lamoni (if it doesn’t wash away because of all the rain they’ve had this month), Murray and Moulton.
So what will you see in Dan’s story this year?
Hypno-parrots. Trying to make a whale laugh. Bullfighting with a minotaur. These unique story elements are part of Dan Wardell’s original story for the fourth-annual Reading Road Trip! These and other fun topics will help Dan tell a story that encourages kids to turn off the TV and spend time playing outside and reading.
Follow Dan’s adventures by visiting Check back often – you won’t want to miss a day!

I’ll let you know where I’ll be headed here. Last year there were Iowa Journal stories in the Midwest League, wineries and the Park Inn Hotel. Those stories were also for Simple Pleasures. BTW, if you have an idea for Iowa’s Simple Pleasures, drop me an email to or post it below in the comments for all to see.

Honk or take a picture of IPTV when it shows up in your town. We’ll post the pic here.


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