Andy Fales to IPTV?

Andy Fales: will public TV make him wear a hat?

My friend and former co-worker Keith Murphy says people are taking him serious when he said Andy Fales is going to IPTV.

But the joke is on all of us, Andy is not going anywhere, he’s gainfully employed at 1801 Grand Avenue in Des Moines at WHO-TV13.

Andy was on vacation during Sunday’s SoundOff program and made a comment that Andy was going to work for Iowa Public Television. That would be great for us here at IPTV, but we’re not in a position to add anyone right now.

Plus, Andy’s departed once already from WHO-TV for Kansas City. He returned a short time later, but now is happy to be back in Des Moines.

That being said, Andy has proven to be an even better story-teller and reporter than anyone thought. Since he return to Iowa, Andy’s doing some news reporting and hitting almost every story out of the park. He’s got a fresh take and approach to the traditional news story and really wants nothing to do with that way it’s always been done. Even if he doesn’t like to wear a hat during the winter.

He’s out asking questions that you and I have on our minds, but usually don’t make it into a reporter piece.

So for now, Andy and Keith can continue to do their Murph and Andy show on KXNO-AM on 1460 AM in Des Moines from 2-4 each weekday.

I hope this isn’t going to be a topic of the next What’s Bugging Andy, but you never know with Mr. Fales. Hopefully, my Cardinal fan friend will find something else to put into proper context.

One final SoundOff note. Chris Hassel filled in for Andy last night. Chris and I both worked in the Quad City market at the same time. I was at TV6 and Chris was doing Sunday night sports at Fox18 KLJB-TV. Chris was still a student at Saint Ambrose University. Here’s one of Chris’ best SoundOff bits channeling Marty Terrell.

Or there’s this bit after the UNI Panthers near win at Iowa last year in football. This clip is after the Penn State game. Fro the record, I’ll always remember the date of the game as we went to the hospital to deliver Levi about an hour after the game was done.

I’m not intentionally leaving Shawn Terrell out of this post about WHO-TV sports, it is just that Shawn was off Sunday.


One thought on “Andy Fales to IPTV?

  1. When Murph mentioned Andy switching over to IPTV last night, I knew it was a joke right off the bat! He was mentioning the possible realignments of the conferences.

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