June 5th, 2000

KWQC - TV6 Logo

I was looking at the calendar Friday when I realized that the date June 5th had meaning for me.

It will mark 10 years since I started work at KWQC-TV6 in Davenport.

That’s nothing monumental, but got me thinking about all the stuff that has happened, to me, in that decade.

I got married, had two kids, moved to Des Moines Ankeny, went to work at WHO-TV and went to work at IPTV.

Those are just the highlights of my life.

The world lived through Gore beating Bush, 9-11, War in Afghanistan, War In Iraq, Katrina, Obama elected, War in Afghanistan.

I’ve made countless friends, contacts and fans (not sure why) and had the privilege of telling hundreds of stories from countless locations.

Davenport was not my first stop, but my second full-time TV news gig. I worked two years at KIMT-TV3 in Mason City before getting the weekend anchor job in the Quad Cities.

Me sitting at the anchor desk. Thanks to Dave Van Meter for the photo.

Really it was Heidi Plummer, who, I still believe to this day helped me get the job at KWQC. Heidi was the receptionist at the station that day in the spring of 2000 when I dropped off my resume and tape for news director Doug Retherford.

I was visiting Amy, who was living in Moline at the time, and saw the KWQC opening for a weekend anchor. I got to 805 Brady Street close to 5p that day. I had a couple of other tapes to mail that day as I was at the end of my contract in Mason City. For the life of me, I can’t remember where those other jobs were.

I asked Heidi where the closest post office was. She said, “it isn’t that far, but you won’t make it there before it closes, so I’ll mail your items for you.”

I never know if she did mail my other tapes. I got a call from Doug, had the interview, got the job and moved to the QC.

Brian Krans of the Argus, Chris Minor of WQAD and I trying to get then Congressman Lane Evans to talk after leaving the Rock Island County Courthouse.

Time moved quickly as I experienced my first Bix 7, John Deere Classic (it was at the new course for the first time that year), Mississippi Valley Fair, Highlight Zone, Festival of Trees Parade and Whitey’s. And, in the same city as my girlfriend for the first time in two years.

Doug hired me. Betty Vesey was the EP. Andea Davidson ran the desk. Jake Peterson produced the morning show, Stacey Palzkill the 5, Ellen Ant the 6/10.

I went on my first story with Randy Biery. Also in photog land, Mike OrtizHank Strunk, Bob Palmer, Jess Hull, Jon Millman and Drew Jones.

Matt Davis, Elizabeth Goodsitt, Eugene Kennedy, Dawn Smith, Fran Riley and the legend Ed Lewis were my reporter pals.

Thom Cornelis, Dan Pearson and Ryan Nolan were in sports with Terry Swails, Erik Maitland, Theresa Bryant and Kris Oetzmann in weather.

Alison Baumbach edited tapes and Dave Van Meter was the weekend director.

Gary Metivier, Sharon Derycke, Mike Mickle, Marcia Lense, Paula Sands and Charles King were our anchors.

A lot of great people at a great station in a great community.

Thank you to all for a great set of memories that started ten years ago.


  1. WE STILL miss YOU here in the QCA, but are happy for your successes at WHO and IPTV. NAMI Scott County misses you A LOT! Our annual meeting is today.

  2. Thanks, Christine. I got to meet a lot of great people, including you and others involved with NAMI Scott County. I still have a hat I wear for a flashback moment.
    Do you still do the walks in May?

  3. Paul, I made Saturday and Sunday nights a must to watch you, when TV-6 showed the news live on the internet. I talked about you so much when I visit my Mom, my sister and her family in Moline, they now ask how you are doing here in central Iowa!

    I miss how Dan Pearson would plug in a Wartburg score during the football season and get a smile out of you!

  4. Hi Paul,

    What a great blog! I remember the day you came to KWQC and instantly liked you and was impressed with you. You just seemed like a great fit the for station and am so happy it worked out. You did a great job at KWQC and are still missed! I was so blessed to get to know you and your family. PS: I did mail your tapes 🙂

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