Dan Wardell is everywhere

Dan Wardell and his beach balls.

He’ll soon be all across the state, but for now, he’s all over the media.

I’ve known Mr. Dan Wardell for a long time and now he’s a co-worker as well. Dan Wardell and I also went to Wartburg College together. There, my full-disclosure is done.

He’s about to hit the road on his Reading Road Trip. he’s also got a great site at IPTV called the Dantastic Blog. He’ll be bringing out the beach balls to a library near you.

How he picked all those libraries was an ordeal. The back story is here. Here is a map of all the locations Dan is visiting this summer. Just click on a big green pin to see the details of the visit. If you’ve never experienced a visit with Dan before, do it. He’s high energy, good creativity and a good message. Last year he talked about how squids will grow in your mouth if you watch too much television. That one still works on Noah. We have him open up his mouth after watching TV.

Noah plays his kazoo that Dan gave him.

Hopefully the beach balls will be a quieter prize for the kids this summer. If you go to a Reading Roadtrip stop this year, you’ll get to take home a beach ball. Last year it was a kazoo. Noah’s kazoo broke after a good amount of use. I had a friend tell me his kids’ kazoo’s disappeared after a few hours of use.

But he’s also getting some attention in other ways.

One would be a blog post from Brianne Sanchez of Des Moines’ Juice. That is a publication of the Des Moines Register. The story she’s working on is about Father’s Day and will be featuring Dan as one of the dads in her story.

Dan’s wife Melissa, also a Wartburg grad, was featured Wednesday in the Des Moines Register. Her article was about teaching sign language for younger children. She’s working on teaching hearing children how to use sign language.

So get ready for the Reading Road Trip, coming your way soon.

And who could forget Levi’s TV debut during the Kids Clubhouse during Festival 2010. Levi’s spot was here.

Noah got to be in this spot.


2 thoughts on “Dan Wardell is everywhere

  1. Paul, here’s another disclosure about our Mr. Wardell.

    Dan and I were roommates in the fall semester in our freshmen year in Hebron. Along with Mark Hargrafen, we were the only 3-man dorm room in Centennial Complex.

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