Billy to be roasted and beats cancer

Bill Wundram - From the Quad City Times

Only this guy could get an organization to un-retire.

Rejuvenate Davenport to honor our friend Bill Wundram. The group folded with others to become DavenportOne back in 2000. Now, they’re coming out of retirement to roast our friend Bill. The roast will honor Bill’s commitment to downtown Davenport. Tickets are available by viewing this story.

But this is only the second best story of Bill’s this spring.

What started in December, was over by May.

Bill beat cancer. After seven months and 44 cancer radiation therapy treatments, Wundram is cancer free.

The Quad City Times columnist was not going to take this cancer thing lying down. Wundram is an amazing human who wrote a column in the “noospaper” for as long as anyone cares to remember. He’s written about candy kitchens, Paula Sands, or what political candidates carried in their pockets.

He’s even got a statue out front of the Davenport newspaper office.

About 7 months ago, Bill told the Quad Cities he had cancer.

Here’s his column a couple of weeks ago, when he announced he was cured.

Way to go Bill. I’m hungry. Let’s eat.

I wonder what roasted Bill tastes like.


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