Zoo Day

Noah and Paul about to take a train ride.

A few Tuesday’s back was one of the fun days to be a parent. It was Zoo Field Trip Day for Noah and his classmates from Rooms 10 and 11.

We had a good time going to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. We’ve been there before with Noah, but he says he remembers, but not sure if he does or not. That’s what I’m here for, to document things for his embarrassment later.

I drove separate which allowed Noah to sit with his friends on the way to the zoo and back. You notice Noah looks like a flower child in the pictures. That’s because his school puts the kids in the same shirt so they can easily be spotted across a crowded Zoo, park or Science Center. It is the same approach we did for National Youth Gathering in trying to keep people together.

I did shoot a few pictures, but here’s a few videos of the experience.

The first video is while we wait for our train ride.

If that’s not enough fun for you, how about a trip to feed the fish?

And we do a final wrap up here. But this time though, Noah was tired and hungry and ready for dad to stop asking so many questions. How many times have you heard that about me?

After this video, we got to have a picnic with all the kids and their parents. That was fun.


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