Don’t touch me and unbreakable windows- Videos of the week

I found a couple of videos this week that I thought you may all enjoy.

This is the second installment of  my “Videos of the Week.” The first included yo-yo fool, We Built Sioux City and Jim Brockmire. Here’s the link to the post on those videos.

Now to this week’s entries. My reporter friends are used to having public relations folks close by when you’re on their turf. I think hospitals, factories and banks.

But I’ve never had a PR person get this close and be with me, ah, so much. This comes from San Francisco and is at a town hall meeting in a hospital. The reporter hits the target when she walks in, camera rolling and mic in her face. That approach bothers me, but this goes a bit further.

A note to PR folks, this approach doesn’t work. At least, with this reporter. This is a longer clip than I first saw. This clip shows a second confrontation.


A few years ago, I was sending my resume tape out to TV stations looking for a job. I’m sure my tape to Doug Merbach at KIMT-TV looked a lot like this.

But I know I didn’t include video of myself not being able to break a car window. This TV reporter really struggled to break the window with a hammer. It gets funny, then he gets the a little extra parting gift.

I’ve had some memorable stand ups. Thank goodness YouTube is only 5 years old and I’m the only one who has those blooper tapes. By the way, I don’t even know where those tapes are.

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