Forgiveness on our final Iowa Journal

We are getting ready for what will likely be the final Iowa Journal in its current weekly format. This will mark the end of season 3 of TIJ.

The show will be about forgiveness. Take that for what it means, but our show will look at the importance of forgiveness not just for our peace of mind, but also what it can do to our bodies. The show topic is something you’ll only see on public television. Here’s a earlier post about the show.

We will hear stories of forgiveness from Simon Estes involving the death of his father and how his mother told him he had to forgive the doctor. Also, Joan Becker, mother of Mark Becker will be featured on the show. Her story of forgiveness comes from those involving her son, Mark. Mrs. Becker saw our program on mental illness and said more people need to see that show to better understand the things she’s lived with for so many years.

Our studio discussion includes:

Dr. Nathaniel G. Wade, associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University who has studied the effects of forgiveness counseling since 2000;  Sandy Hoenig of Ames, a retired school counselor who has been a forgiveness workshop leader for more than 10 years and authored the book, “The Joy of Forgiveness;” and Mary Hayes Grieco, the director of The Midwest Institute of Forgiveness Training in Minneapolis. Grieco is an international forgiveness teacher and the author of books and CDs, including “The Peaceful Heart” and “Be A Light: Illumined Essays for Times Like These.”

We also will hear from Gail Sheehy as she talks about who is taking care of our parents and what can we do to make sure we are getting the best care for them.

See the Iowa Journal #331 at 8p Thursday on Iowa Public Television. The show will re-air Friday at 630p then live on http://www.IPTV.Org/IowaJournal forever and ever. Or, you can click here to see the show online.

Now, back to the background of the show.

The Iowa Journal is not going away and no one has lost their jobs. It is just our jobs are changing a bit, as is the show.

As of now, the Iowa Journal will return in the fall, but not on the weekly format you’ve come to know and love. Ok, maybe know of on occasion when The Office or Grey’s Anatomy were in reruns, or you’ve lost your remote.

Earlier this year, our regular, weekly show was part of IPTV’s answer to the state’s required 10% budget cuts.

We have life though, as a special series at IPTV. We will keep the Iowa Journal name and likely produce 5 topics over the year. How exactly they are presented to you may vary from topic to topic. But each topic may have multiple parts to it.

I could be making a lot of this up as I go, but we hope to know more by June or July. By then, I’ll be knee-deep in productions of Iowa’s Simple Pleasures and The Iowa State Fair.

Thank you to each and every one of you for reading this note, sending an email, helping set up an interview, coming to our Johnston studios and every thing in-between. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking time to be a part of the first three seasons of The Iowa Journal. We hope for 3 more.

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Special Coverage of President Obama’s Ottumwa Town Hall Meeting (#2)

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If you want to watch of these programs, click here.


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