Slipknot on The Iowa Journal

This has been a tough week for fans and the band members of Slipknot. The Des Moines based band lost their left-handed bass player and heart and soul of the band in Paul Gray. He found dead in a hotel room in Urbandale on Monday.

Grey was on a piece of video seen here when we talked about Iowa’s music industry. The small feature is here. That program also featured the Quad City based website Daytrotter, which is run by Sean Moeller.

During that program, we had M. Shawn Crahan on the program to talk about the music scene for Slipknot and also The Nada’s as Jason Walsmith was on the program as well.

We then had Crahan on again, who is a percussionist and founding member of the band, back on 2010. This time we were talking about the vision for Iowa’s future. This program included Michael Gartner, Kesho Scott and Daniel Shipton. My post on the program can be found here.

A story about the background of what Paul Gray meant to the band and the music scene, here’s Kyle Munson’s column in the Des Moines Register.

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