Carroll and the Economy – links

Here’s a rundown of links for Thursday’s Iowa Journal program.

Downtown Carroll, Iowa

You can now watch the feature on Carroll, Iowa and their economic balance by clicking here.
The background post from me is here. That has lots of links to places featured in our story.

Our studio discussion with Joe Crookham of Musco Lighting, Charles Sukup of Sukup Manufacturing and Eric Lohmeier of NCP, Inc. can be found here. That discussion covers topics of big ideas, healthcare, liquidity of banks — especially mid-range/level banks in metro/rural Iowa and status reports of their business. Again, the link to the entire show can be found here.

If you want to watch a quick behind the scenes video of the technical crew getting ready for the Journal, here is that. The video is a little blurry, but the audio is good. You’ll see Brian, Dave, Deb and Judy. We don’t zoom in on Gretchen. So, Gretch, you’re in the clear.

You can still watch the Iowa Journal, Friday at 630p on Iowa Public Television. Later in the night, you can watch Governor Chet Culver on Iowa Press as he mentions Jesup, Iowa. What exactly did he say about Jesup? Tune in at 730p to find out.

Next week we are talking childhood obesity and looking at the PE4Life program in Grundy Center.

And finally, one last Carroll story to share. It was a sad day in Carroll following a crash involving a long-time nurse who was in an ambulance on a patient transport Thursday. A story can be found here from the Des Moines Register. One of the victims, Sheryl Stoolman, received the Iowa Hospitals Association’s “Hospital Heroes” award in 2007. She was one of the first recipients.

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