Mother’s Day

Noah, Levi and Amy back home April 22, 2010.
Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s. I love you all. No, I mean it, I really do. You all do amazing things.

My wife is the mother to our 2 boys. She does amazing, as Noah likes to call it, “Wonder Woman” things everyday. She does more as a mother than I even think of as a father.

During her trips overseas, I consider it a victory if the boys are breathing, feed and upright when she comes home.

She just can do that in her sleep.

In all reality, Amy really has 3 boys, I would be the third one. She takes care of me and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much.

Joellen with her 6 grandchildren. You can tell they are Yeager's, none of them is paying attention.

My other mother in my life is my mother. Joellen, too, can do many things.

She raised four kids and we all managed to stay out of jail…. except that one time with Kris that we’re no longer allowed to speak of….

I could tell you great tales of sacrifice that my mother made while we were growing up, but they would sound the same as all of yours.

That’s why mother’s get a universal day, they are special across the board.

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to my sisters who are all mothers. They are amazing women themselves.

And my mother-in-law and sister-in-law as well. They too, are great mother’s and deserve recognition.

A tradition at KWQC was to name our mother’s in the credits on Mother’s Day and our fathers on Father’s Day. That was always fun for me to get my mother’s name on TV for a just a split second for all the world to see.

I leave you with, Happy Mother’s Day.


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