Music in Education – Links

1998 Wartburg College Castle Singers Australian Tour - newspaper article.
How important is music education in Iowa? Band and vocal programs and educators have been eliminated in some districts this past year because of drastic statewide budget cuts. The Iowa Journal looks at music education – should “rhythm” join the 3-Rs as a core part of every school’s curriculum?

I know you’ve seen the show so here are the links to everything you saw on tv the last couple of days when it comes to music education.

The entire show is here.

The feature about Council Bluffs and also Simon Estes is in the link with the entire show. So is a little segment on Iowa’s Teacher of the Year, now National Teacher of the Year Sarah Brown Wessling. She teaches at Johnston High School.

The post about the show lives here.

By the way, the reason for the picture is a little background. That is the 1998 Wartburg College Castle Singers on tour in Australia. I was in the group. My wife was in the group. Some of my greatest memories in life came on that tour also great friends. Music allowed me to travel from a farm in Shady Grove to a trip around the world.

Who knew that Birdland would take me so far?


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