The Iowa Economy: Improving?

Good news about Iowa’s economy continues to trickle in, but does this mean the economy is turning the corner or a case of we had nowhere to go but up?

Iowa’s unemployment rate is 6.8% or 114,600 Iowans out of work. The lowest rate is in Lyon County (4.8%) in far northwest Iowa. The second lowest is Carroll County at 5.1%. The highest level is in Allamakee at 11.8%.

Job openings are starting to appear in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Is that a good sign? The fields hiring? According to the story:

The top categories for jobs were general help, followed by accounting, general administration, sales, nursing and social work.

Another story in the Des Moines Register shows the Iowa economy has seen gains for six months in a row.

What does that exactly mean?
Where is the growth happening?
Are you getting back to work yet?

We have put together another economic roundtable for May 13 on the Iowa Journal. Our feature piece will likely be about Carroll, Iowa. What have they done in Carroll County to keep that number low and be a regional economic engine? We hope to find out in our visit this week.

What other spots are improving? Where do you live and what is the economy like there? Tell your story below in the comments or send us an email to


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