President Obama to Iowa, Missouri and Illinois

President Obama is in Iowa Tuesday before heading to Missouri and Illinois on Wednesday.

You can watch the town hall meeting from Ottumwa on as it happens or after the event. For my friends in Iowa, you can watch the White House to Main Street event on our .3 signal or as it is called IPTV World. If you don’t get all 3 channels we offer here at Iowa Public Television, you are really missing out on some great programming that does not make our main service. All you need is an antenna, digital tuner and some electricity to power your TV.

My coworkers at Market to Market are working on a series of events called the Rural Economic Summit. There’s been a town hall in Iowa and Wisconsin and now the three state tour of the president will be a part of the new installment seen Friday at 8p in Iowa on Market to Market. The show also has a new Twitter feed. You can follow us @MarketToMarket.

There’s also a blog that updates many things about the rural economy not only in Iowa and the midwest but ag regions. You can see that blog here.

Tuesday night IPTV will re-air the president’s speech and town hall tonight at 8. Then we’ll host an Iowa Journal discussion in the studio about how to revive the Iowa economy, will the president’s plan work, why did he pick Ottumwa for the visit and several other questions that I have on notebook. That will follow the speech, around 9 tonight.

Dave Swenson and Bill Brown will be in studio with me tonight around 9. Swenson is an associate scientist in the economics department at Iowa State University. He’s also an adjunct lecturer in Community and Regional Planning at ISU, and lecturer in the Urban and Regional Planning Program at The University of Iowa. Nonetheless, his primary appointment is as a staff research economist at ISU.

Brown is a partner in the BrownWinick law firm in Des Moines, this year he is also serving as chair of the board of directors for the Iowa Association of Business of Industry.

Brown and Swenson have both been guests on TIJ before.

We will be showing Frontline about 30 minutes later tonight at 930, so bear with us.

We’ll also be talking beer on Thursday’s regularly scheduled Iowa Journal slot of 8p. Here’s a post on that program.


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