First wine, now beer on TIJ? What’s next, Jack Daniels?

The Iowa Journal hits on another popular topic this week by looking at the beer industry in Iowa.

Even before we aired our discussion on the wine industry in Iowa, the question from a staff member was, “what about beer?”

Great question, Mr. Torpy. Here’s your answer.

This Thursday at 8P The Iowa Journal will look at what the beer industry means to the state for sales, marketing and distribution. No, there won’t be any samples, but there was fun in the production of this story by producer Judy Blank.

Tim Hynds of the Sioux City Journal maintains a blog called Sioux Brew. Here’s the post on our upcoming show. Thanks to him for the publicity. He’ll be a guest on the program on Thursday. You can see it Thursday night in HD and Friday at 630p in High Definition as well.

Here’s his post if the link doesn’t work.

Iowa’s beer industry will be subject of IPTV program; yours truly slated as panelist
By Tim Hynds | April 26, 2010 – 11:42 am

Iowa’s beer industry will up for discussion this week on The Iowa Journal, a weekly current events program on Iowa Public Television.

I have been selected as a panelist on the program and will appear with David Coy, president of the Iowa Brewers Guild and brewer at Des Moines’ Raccoon River Brewing Co., and Doug Alberhasky, the manager and “bier guy” at John’s Grocery in Iowa City.

The network has done extensive taping at Ames’ Olde Main Brewing Co. for the program.

The panel will be moderated by Iowa Journal host Paul Yeager.

The episode is scheduled to air this Thursday, April 29th at 8 pm on IPTV stations across the state. It will be rebroadcast April 30th at 6:30 PM and at 8 AM May 1 on IPTV World. The program will be available for viewing online at

-Tim Hynds

I certainly know there’d be an interest to having a Templeton Rye program…

What should we talk about in our discussion?

What questions do you have about the Iowa beer industry?

What’s your favorite Iowa produced beer? Why?

2 thoughts on “First wine, now beer on TIJ? What’s next, Jack Daniels?

  1. Iowa Pale Ale from the Amanas. I have it imported to Michigan when I can. I love IPAs, but the Amana label has smoothed out the harshness of the strong hops flavor that is typical of IPAs. Just like Millstream, it is as smooth as the finish of a piece of Amana furniture.

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