My sister Kris

Kris with Levi

Big day for my sister Kris. She’s 30. I know, you’re not supposed to say ages, but that’s what big brothers can do, make sure everyone knows the story with their sister.

As much as I make about her age, she’ll get me this summer when my day comes of a milestone day.

All my sisters are great, but this is the only one who will enjoy the true internet embarrassment that a big brother can offer. Kris is the sister closest in age to me, so we were around each other the most growing up. Now, she’s a mom and older.


Lots of great stories. Where do I begin? It all starts in Jesup on the farm.

Her broken nose?
Her blonde hair?
Her quilt she used to carry around as a toddler?

Nope. I’m sure there are pictures of some of those events, but there’s a good chance there’s evidence of me as a child and no one needs to see that. Or read her response to those stories.

Kris with Maddox at his 1st birthday party.

Kris is known as Aunt Kris by my boys and she was a big help when we moved to Ankeny from Bettendorf. She would drive up and take care of Noah when we had something to do. She did that for all my sisters and their kids. When you’re the youngest, you take your turn taking care of others.

She’s now a mother to Maddox. He’s an active little guy and always smiling and happy. I think that comes a lot from the parenting of Kris and Brian.

Kris holding Maddox at the I-Cubs game, Mother's Day, 2009.

You’ll see Kris and I sitting next to each other at Iowa Cubs games in our Uncle Gordon’s seats. So we can keep in touch during the season.

Her career in PR and politics has allowed us to cross paths professionally. That’s been fun as people have gotten to know us both and only later realized, hey, you’re her brother? You must be cool if Kris is your sister. We can then talk TV and media shop and she knows the players.

Or know when a good Yeager joke is in order. MIke Colon, KWQC-TV photojournalist is always quick with the quips. “My favorite story is when we covered some political event and she was there and after we met I turned to you and said “Gosh, PY, I guess the good-looking genes only got passed around to the ladies of your family!” Ooh, BURN!”

Ah yes, the burns. We won’t even quote Michael Graham, Michael Van Gorkom, John Bloomberg, Jay Boeding or anyone else that knows us both too well.

She also went to Wartburg, so I had an excuse to the be recent graduate who was always hanging around campus.

Everyone’s friend Romelle Slaughter says his favorite story was “meeting Kris at the Lava Row Christmas open house. Of course, Paul was the big topic!”

Family is fun, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday, Kris. I know you think this is a tad bit embarrassing, but hey, I’m your brother. I can do that.


One thought on “My sister Kris

  1. We could tell a lot of stories about Kris (& Paul)….but that would be admitting that we are getting old, too.
    Happy Birthday, Kris….and remember Paul will always be OLDER than you!
    ~Merritt & Connie~

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