Day 12 – Awaiting Confirmation

I hope by the time I write again to you here, Amy will be fast asleep after a big day of traveling. There’s a good chance she will be on a plane by the time I wake up Thursday morning. Today Amy, Robert and Gary made the trip from France to Spain with hopes of flying back to the states today.

Levi is at attention to see his Mommy again.

It has meant a lot to receive all your wonderful comments about our family and Amy’s trip adventure. I don’t think she fully realizes how many people are hoping for a safe return and happy ending. Thank you so much.

We’ve also had some great help from everyone making these last 12 days go so well. Also, thanks to Levi for sleeping through the night last night. That is always a winner, winner chicken dinner.

Tonight while feeding Levi before bed it gave me a chance to reflect. I have really enjoyed this time with my boys. It has just been us, with huge amounts of help, to hang out and have fun. I’ve gotten to spend time with them and be there for them. That being said, it is even more fun to share that with Amy. I love being a dad. This is the greatest job I’ve ever had. And I can’t wait to see us together again.

Noah holds up his treat.

Ok, back to the nice things others have done for us and speaking of good things to eat, a big thanks to Chef Mike for the random package he sent yesterday. He had sent a picture earlier in the week. Then we get a package sent to the Yeager Boys. Noah holds the loot. He also tells Mike thanks in this video. Always good to have Cardinals peanuts.

And more with the video talk… Levi really is developing into the talker. Imagine that. I’m really not sure where that comes from. He really gets going about 35 seconds in.

Here’s a little fun video to just listen to. It makes me happy.

Also thanks to everyone’s friend Romelle and this nice post he wrote on The (Convoluted) Mind of a Single Man. Give it a look. Thanks Romelle.

Finally, this European Vacation for Amy (really, don’t you think it feels like “look kids, Big Ben, Parliament,”) has been some fun. She’s been in 5 countries in the last 6 days. Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and now Spain. Not bad for a work trip that was only to last 6 days. Now I’m just hoping she can make it 6 countries real soon.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Awaiting Confirmation

  1. Way to go, Paul! You are a great dad. You have earned father of the year!! I now know why Uncle Wil and Aunt Paula moved to Ankeny.. to be there for their wonder kids and grandkids for a week like this past week.
    I am impressed that you have been able to take so many pictures and videos on so little sleep!
    You’ve all been in our prayers and hoping Amy gets back home quickly. Michele

  2. Thanks, Paul, for all your good blogging. We love it, including the pics & videos. We are hoping you’re at the airport now to greet Amy home. We pray for a great homecoming, and a wonderful birthday party! We’re enjoying Earth Day by getting some of ou extra “junk” ready for the youth rummage sale at church. God bless….

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