Day 11 – Little Boy’s Prayer

Noah and Levi have been dressed each day for school in clean clothes.

Noah finally gave me a weak moment tonight when he prayed for the volcano to stop so Mommy can come home.

Up until this point, I’ve not had Noah break down and that just about did it tonight for both of us. He has been a great little boy this entire ordeal, even if he doesn’t know exactly what is going on with Amy’s trip home from Holland.

Amy, Levi’s hair will look blond to you when you get back. Plus he’s really good at sitting up by himself and his laugh is contagious as always. Tonight I took the boys to Culver’s for supper like in Day 1 and to Target to get a few things. Thanks to Tammy for remembering us and the staff for being helpful.

Here’s what happened today. The image is from the BBC and shows flight patterns around the ash cloud. Impressive to say the least.

Ash, flight patterns and plans in the air. Image from BBC.

Amy, Gary and Robert loaded up in their rental car and headed south through France with a goal of Madrid, Spain. There were headed to Bordeaux tonight with the last 6-7 hour drive Wednesday to Spain. She says traffic wasn’t that heavy. We’re still hoping for a Thursday flight home.

Our story of travel trouble is not unique. Countless people are impacted by this volcano’s ash. As people try to get home to or from Europe, we just hope for a safe ending for all parties.

This has been called the worst air travel issues since 9-11. My friend Scott Harves reminded me of his story from that week in September. Scott was a segment producer for ESPN’s College Game Day. The schedule usually included travel to a college campus on Monday or Tuesday, shoot the story on Tuesday or early Wednesday and get back to Bristol to cram a story together for Saturday. That week in 2001, Scott was in Tallahassee, Florida and the campus of Florida State University. Scott was on the ground and already on campus when the attacks happened. Scott posted this note to me:

You reminded me of the time I got stuck in Florida for 9-11, spoke with Bobby Bowden for two days, games got postponed, ended up driving home Thursday/Friday that week.  That was creepy.

Again, everyone has a story now of where they were and where they were trying to get to.

Levi. I just wanted to put in another picture of Levi for fun. So, here you go.

We did get our story told in the Des Moines Register. Here is the link.. There’s an interesting line about how we’re learning as parents on this one. Marc Hansen wrote the story. Also in that story is Ryan Becker’s tale.

I also talked to WHO-TV 13. That story has yet to post, which means it probably won’t. I’ve got here on DVD, but won’t get that posted tonight. I’m wiped as Levi decided to wake up a couple of times overnight.

My old college professor Liz is also in Europe. She and her husband plus another couple are trying to get home as well. Liz reminded me to keep on top of the laundry. That is done. Liz is in Madrid and hopes to fly home Thursday.

By the way, this blog hasn’t had this much traffic since the posts about Ali Farokhmanesh or the TV Reporter wearing hats posts.

And the link fest wouldn’t be complete without a post from Kristin as she visited the farm over the weekend. Kristin starts with a reference to Noah’s joke telling ability.

By the way, here’s what is on the Iowa Journal this week.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Little Boy’s Prayer

  1. Aww, that’s heartbreaking! I bet Mommy’s praying for the same thing! You guys are in our thoughts! Here’s hoping for a happy reunion soon!

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