10 is Not Enough

Levi, Amy and Noah posing prior to Amy's trip to Brazil back in February.

Another day, another set of twists and turns in the get-Mom-home-from-Europe drama, or as it has been called before on this blog, Yeager Boys Home Alone II.

We’ve had relative calm here in Ankeny as Amy tries to get out of Holland and Amsterdam after her work trip for John Deere. She and some 250 other Deere employes are stuck on either side of the pond and affected by the volcanic ash in Iceland.

Sunday brought some realization that Amy has no idea when she’ll be able to fly. She admitted to me today that she’s intentionally avoided reading the latest news about the volcano. She’s living it, no need to see how bad it really is. You know, thousands of flights cancelled, even more stranded in the airport.

Monday morning Amy and her boss, Gary, and Robert, the third member of their traveling party, headed to the Amsterdam airport to just see if they could get a stand by ticket on a KLM flight home. Amy said the ticket staff wasn’t the most cordial and said with no flights on the horizon, no stand by tickets were going to be issued.

So, now back to the plan of driving 17-18 hours to Spain. That idea picked up steam on advisement from the travel department. Amy, Gary and Robert are planning on leaving for Spain early Tuesday, drive through France, try to get to the southern part of the country, get a hotel, then drive Wednesday into Madrid with hopes of getting on a plane Thursday, Friday or Saturday. There’s a chance Amy may make it out Thursday, but likely Saturday.

However, with the UK lifting some travel bans and revising others, by the time the ink is dry on this post, they may stay in the Netherlands and try to fly from there.

Today I actually got to talk to Amy on the phone. That was the first real conversation since she left on Day 1 of her adventure. Her company issued Black berry for the trip finally worked, but not sure if that will happen again before she returns.

So, we’re in a holding pattern, but you can see more on the WHO-TV 13 News in a story or likely in the Des Moines Register on Tuesday. I did interviews for both groups about our situation. The DMR will hopefully devote time to the Ryan Becker story. Becker, the JHS Alum of 1992, is scheduled to get married in the states on May 7. His mother Joyce’s concern now is if Ryan will make it back in time. Joyce shared that story with me Sunday at ALC in Jesup.

Noah and Levi posing. It was PJ day at school for Noah and not that I don't know how to dress him.

Noah finally asked this morning when Mom was coming home. I’ve tried to keep him distracted enough to keep his mind off Mommy and wondering when was she going to come home. I’d say Levi was wondering when Mom was coming home, but he was more interested in a bottle from 4-5 AM today. He and I are really getting to know each other.

Again HUGE thanks to Grandma Paula for picking up the boys from daycare today and feeding us all. Wil came over to the house later as I was mowing the lawn. So, at least that’s done for the week and we can just focus on eating, sleeping and getting out the door in a reasonable amount of time.

Also a big thanks to all who’ve offered to something for us, watch the boys, go shopping, get us St. Louis Cardinal season tickets, (ok maybe no offers like that). It means a lot.

We just want Amy home safely. When, is not up to us. Her safety is the most important thing.

One comment

  1. Paul this story is simply amazing. I’m feeling for you flying solo as dad — while Amy is simply not flying!
    Hang in there and I hope your next post is good news.
    My best to her and the entire group from Deere that is stranded!

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