Day 9 – Indefinite Ending

We are now in a holding pattern.

Amy is another Iowan stuck in Europe because of the Iceland volcano. And it looks like it will stay that way for a while. Sunday was an emotional day as we all found out Amy will be staying in Holland for an indefinite amount of time. Her Monday flight is already cancelled and then it looked like a Thursday departure from Spain after a 17 hour car ride. Now that’s on hold with a slight chance of who knows when she’ll return. She’s on Uncle John’s dime, so they are paying for all of this financially and I think the rest of us are paying emotionally. Deere’s got a few other there now, so Amy’s not alone. Here traveling party is 3. They will head back to Horst and begin another week.

We have a calm week on the docket here. But, a week from today is Noah’s 4th birthday.

Levi and Noah return from church with all smiles.

Sunday was filled of fun in Jesup including a trip to American Lutheran Church. Pastor Dawn is so good at remembering the names of children. Noah has likely been in my home church 6 times over his 4 years of life. But she remembers Noah’s name without prompting each time. A gift for the congregation indeed. We got to see a few people who knew me as a kid and see how Noah is the same as his father. Both boys were well-behaved, so that was a relief.

Then we came home to the farm and packed up all the stuff we travel with. I took my time as my Aunt Lynda, cousin Laura and friend Kristin were making the trip from Jefferson. The three of them were headed to (Great) Aunt Eve’s house for a little exploring of the stuff in there. Kristin has fun looking for hidden treasures. Here’s a look at what she likes to do as chronicled on her blog.

Noah is ready to hit the ball out of the park.

Noah and I got a little one on one time to play some baseball. He likes to play and is getting better. A little running around gets his blood going and hopefully worn out quicker. Plus Levi needed to spend time inside charming everyone again.

Noah’s throwing has improved and he was cracking dad up with his ability to shake off the catcher’s signals with a nod of the head ‘no’ and ‘yes’. Then Dad recited the story of how I created Busch and Yeager Stadium in the backyard when I was a kid. Complete with the detail of the backstop I made, painted disc blades for bases and even a pitcher’s mound. That was a great field. Third base was always exciting, that’s usually where the bee hive was in the grass.

Levi and Noah sleep on the trip home.

As the three of them will explored, the boys and I hit the road. By La Porte City, Levi was out and Noah was all but asleep. Levi slept the entire 2 hour trip home. Good for him to nap that long, bad that he stayed up until almost 9 tonight. Noah’s nap also extended his day until nearly 830. It is ok, we just have fun together while awake.

And the Yeager Boys Home Alone II continues.


4 thoughts on “Day 9 – Indefinite Ending

  1. Busch Yeager Stadium was the greatest of all time – even with the bees living under third base. Although that was a little extra rough for you since you were allergic to bee stings. Over the road is a home run!

  2. Hang in there Yeager Boys (and Mom).

    Sorry we missed you this morning….The Jones family also has a bit of a sleeping pattern problem…staying up way too late and sleeping in on Sun. mornings. Alas….

    Hope Amy makes it home soon…

  3. oh my! i feel for you all – hope mom makes it back for the birthday. we have friends visiting from latvia who are starting to worry about how they will get home as well…..

  4. Hi Paul!

    Had a great time hearing about Yeager Stadium…and the sooner Noah gets his contract with the Cardinals, the better! Enjoyed meeting the Home Alone Crew, and hope Amy gets back ASAP!

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