Day 8 – And Now, Week 2

Day 7 was to be the end of Yeager Boys Home Alone II. Amy’s 7-day trip to Holland was to end for her boss Gary. The trip had gone smooth, very smooth, the two remarked at dinner Wednesday night while in Germany. You can do that in Europe, run to another country and come back and not think twice about it.

That changed overnight Wednesday as a volcano in Iceland created the worst air travel conditions since 9-11. Virtually every flight west from Europe has been cancelled going on 3 days.

The comments this blog has received included, “really, stuck in Europe, on the company dime?” “Ah, too bad.” Or, “I can think of worse places to be stuck than in Amsterdam.” All respect to Coffeyville, Kansas, but being stuck in Amsterdam is better than being stuck in Coffeyville.

Right now, she’s scheduled to take a flight Monday from Amsterdam. I’m not holding my breath. Her travelling party will likely go back to the factory for a few days of work if Monday doesn’t work to fly home.

That doesn’t make it any easier for Amy when she wants to be home. So do the 2 others she’s travelling with and the 3 more added today, also trying to get back to Des Moines.

Levi and Noah hanging at Grandma's.

She wants to see these two.

We are fine. We’ve survived Day 3, when blood came running out of Noah’s nose (story on Day 4), to Days 1, 2, and 5 when Levi decided sleeping wasn’t for him.

We’ve taken this show’s encore on the road. I guess Whitesnake couldn’t make the weekend show, so we’re being held over.

Sunset over Shady Grove

The travelling road show is in Shady Grove for a few days. If you’re a burglar reading this, the garage code is 1234. My address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh, and the dog only took 4 arms last year. He must be getting milder since I adopted him from Michael Vick.

Levi slept the entire way north, so he was nowhere close to going to bed. Noah was just excited to be wound up by Farmer Papa. When the finally went to sleep, the boys did well.

Noah tries on Lawrence's Army hat.
Our day was full of distractions, including a trip to Aunt Eve’s place in Fairbank. The soon to be 97-year-old left the farm in the fall of 2009 and now we’re sorting through the house. Actually, my mother is sorting, pitching, burning, finding and discovering what living in the same house since 1947 looks like. Mom and Aunt Lynda think they’ve spent at least 6 weeks working in that house. Mom has done countless other things to get Eve to doctors, specialists and now her new living arrangements in Independence.

Noah and Farmer Papa talk farming. Kent gives no bull. Yeah. Right.
Dad started planting corn Friday, so he was back in the field Saturday. So Noah got to see Farmer Papa in action.

And during the afternoon we got to watch the St. Louis Cardinals play the New York Mets. We started watching and Dad came in for a bit and left about the 5th inning. He went out to plant some corn. He came back around 8 and had planted 35 acres with his little 8-row planter. The game was still not over.

The near 7 hour contest is finally done. For the record, the flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis is 9 hours. She would be almost home in that time.

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