Day 7 – ashes and ashes

This little map is what Amy is stuck in right now.

If you look to the right of the M in United Kingdom, that’s where Amy is, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She left on Saturday expecting to be home on Friday. The volcano eruption in Iceland has ground her and countless others in the area shaded in orange.

So, we’re on our own for a few more days in the Yeager Boys Home Alone II tour. We may hit the road to keep the boys occupied. Don’t be surprised to have us knocking at your door sometime soon.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – ashes and ashes

  1. I remember you coming to Des Moines when I first got elected. You have done well. Thought you would like to know I now write a column in the Bettendorf News for pay. Never thought I would do that for Lee Enterprise. Good luck to you and your wife getting back. Don’t let her go anymore without you. Ha Ha Take Care Joe

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