Iowa education officials visit Van Meter

Judy Jeffrey, Director, Iowa Department of Education, Paul Yeager and John Carver, Superintendent, Van Meter Schools at The Iowa Journal show taping March 30, 2010.

John Carver finally got his wish. The Department of Education’s director came for a visit.

Carver is superintendent at Van Meter schools. He was a guest on The Iowa Journal back in March.

Carver openly invites everyone to see what he’s doing at his school. During my first visit, it was obvious from student reaction, they were used to having their superintendent give tours to people in suits. The students and teachers I met were not distracted by the me, but rather knew what was expected when called upon.

Judy Jeffrey announces her retirement. Photo from Gov. Culver's office.
Carver told me he’d long wanted the director of the Iowa Department of Education to visit his school. He even made another invitation during our show taping back in March. Finally on April 13, 2010, John Carver got Judy Jeffrey, and her interim replacement Kevin Fangman, into Van Meter schools.

This is quite the candid conversation by students to Jeffrey and Fangman. The exchange was recorded on UStream and lives here.

Judy Jeffrey is conducting the interview of a wide age-range of students at Van Meter. She’s retiring in May, but certainly has a future as an interviewer if she so chooses.

Jeffrey presses students what exactly is different at Van Meter, what are they learning, what does a perfect school like and other education topics. Some of those topics were covered in our innovation program. Here’s a post about what we’ve found during research for the program.

Twitter is also talked about in this discussion, how the students learn a lot from it, and how exactly do you sort all the good information from bad.

Kevin Fangman is listening to the discussion and starts to ask questions about 18 minutes in the video.

The video is long, but worth your time

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