Levi shows signs he’s a Yeager in Day 5

Why is Levi smiling? He knows he doesn't like to sleep.

My branch of the Yeager Family Tree likes to stay up late. They don’t get up early, they don’t blink when the clock strikes 2am. Maybe we got that from our mother and all those years she worked overnights.

So it should be no surprise that Levi likes to be up in the middle of the night. Levi and I spent some quality time together overnight. Around 245 he decided to wake up and stay up until 4. During that time, I was able to send a couple of emails back forth with Amy. The Netherlands is 7 hours ahead of us here. I sent her a note while waiting for Levi to calm down a bit as holding him didn’t seem to do the trick. She was in the middle of her work day’s morning, so she was a bit surprised to get a note at 3a our time.

I found out things are going well during her work trip. We’ll see her on Friday.

I also updated her later in the morning to say how the rest of the night went and she told me she was maybe going to try to slip over to Germany for the evening. We’ll see if that materialized. You have to do that when you get the chance. And this is her chance.

The day was a good one, no blood like in Day 4 of the Yeager Boys Home Alone II or YBHA II.

Levi gets a little dinner from Grandma Paula while Wil heads out to the grill.

A big thanks to the Wil and Paula Cafe for serving us tonight. Always appreciated. Wil showed me a trick with a pork loin for the grill. I think we may have to try that one this summer.

Normally the evening routine has been to start Levi with his bath, Noah gets to watch a little TV, have a snack, Levi is fed, falls asleep and then it is Noah’s turn for a bath and bed.


About that.

Not tonight.

Levi was wide-eyed while feeding and had no interest in going to bed. So instead of fighting it, I just took Levi out of bed and took him into Noah’s room.

Story time. Levi is starting to get a little grabby of everything.

So, he got to hear stories with Noah. Maybe this will help Levi sleep later. Or it will push him into a no-sleep night.

What’s your thought? Me too.

See you around 2 AM.

Good knight.


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