Finally some blood in Day 4 of YBHA

Noah gets a little ice cream after supper.

Just about 3 minutes I after I hit publish on the account of Day 3 saying we’d had no blood, Noah started crying.

He had a bloody nose.

He’d been asleep for about 2 hours when he woke up somewhat scared and bleeding. He got through it and we made it to the morning with no more bloody noses.

I’d say we had a few other things go our way, but I won’t jinx myself by writing what those things are.

Levi was wearing his Cardinal shirt for the first and probably only time.

Levi slept until 545, so that was a good thing to not have to get up with him several times overnight. But, tonight will be a new adventure, I’m sure. It already was a challenge in getting him to sleep tonight. That means I better get a move on this post to get finished.

Levi was all smiles this morning as we found in this video. Also, Noah decides to tell his joke as well while eating breakfast. Hopefully he’s got his Grandpa Yeager’s joke telling ability. By the way, today is Kent Yeager’s birthday. Here’s a birthday greeting to Farmer Papa in this link. Below is the fun times this morning in the Yeager household.

This video is almost a response to the first time he told it on camera which is seen here.

During Easter dinner, my father didn’t hear Noah telling the joke. So, he asked Noah to repeat it. Noah did and recited the lines very slowly. Classic. That was almost funnier than the original.

Principal Park, Memphis Redbirds at Iowa Cubs. April 13, 2010.

Anyway, I got the lawn mowed and a couple of things done before heading to Principal Park to see the Memphis Redbirds play the Iowa Cubs. The Memphis team is the AAA affiliate of your St. Louis Cardinals, so that is the one series I try to make it to all the games. A few co-workers made the trip, so that was fun. Jay even made the network some money while were there eating up some vacation hours.

Good night and we’re almost half-way home to having Mama back in the house.

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