YBHA II – Day 3

Levi and Noah acting like they enjoy each other. April 12, 2010.
The sun is falling quickly on Day 3 of the Yeager Boys Home Alone II.

This was another long day as Levi has given up sleep for Lent. Problem is, Lent is over and we’re only Catholic light.

Hey, no complaints, I’m alive, well and breathing. No scars, blood or trips to the doctor. But this is only Monday. We’ve made it through Day One and Day Two with no harm or fouls.

Today life returned to normal with the boys going back to school. Levi was happy to see a smiling woman’s face and not just his dad or brother’s ugly mug. Noah was back with friends, so he was fine.

Levi, though, is starting to have a little fear of strangers. But not even strangers, family, too. Levi frowned at Aunt Julie in Day 2 and today he was not the warmest to Grandpa Wil.

Speaking of Wil, it was dinner time at the Wil and Paula Cafe, or WPC, as it is called now. Wil and Paula love to pick up the boys from school and will do that a couple of days this week and then feed us all. This is one of the great things of living 2 streets away from a set of grandparents.

Tuesday is another day. Time to end this dispatch.


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