Iowa’s Big Issues

What is in our row ahead for the Corn State? What impacts us all?

What issues cover and impact all Iowans?
What five things do we all care about, or need to care about?

We’re looking for the big 5 as a potential show idea.

Education? Even if we’re done in school, how the next generation learns is key to our future.
Ethanol? You may not live on a farm, but your fuel additive takes land fencerow to fencerow, water and food. Sounds like a big deal.

Alternative health care?

John Carver suggests economy, lack of leadership, change, future of Iowa.

What are your ideas? Send them to or post below.


2 thoughts on “Iowa’s Big Issues

  1. #1 School funding/budgets. Cuts to music, athletics and things cut to things outside the 3-R’s
    #2 Budget
    #3 Aging population
    #4 County staffing sharing. Consolidation
    #5 Ag revenue/industry

    That’s it…that’s the list.

  2. 1) healthcare coverage/insurance/tort reform – healthcare providers in the state of Iowa are some of the best in the nation. I worry about the future retention of these doctors as more patients will be covered by government programs that barely pay or underpay the hospitals, clinics, and phycisians for services. Costs also going to continue to go up as providers have to carry huge malpractice insurance coverage due to law suits.

    2) education – while primary and secondary education budget cuts are in the media (completely disagree with arts/culture/PE cuts) – higher education has not recieved as much attention. State funded institutions have had serious budget cuts as well with most funding now being from private donations and tuition – a major change in departmental budgets over the last 15 years. Because of this, budgets are much smaller forcing faculty to have an overextended teaching load or spend most of their time seeking external grants. This means the best potential instructors are going elsewhere for jobs. Who will be teaching my kids courses? Furthermore, will college be accessible for a low-income student due to the need to increase tuition to help cover what the state isn’t providing?

    3)Technology/cultural jobs. Many have to leave the state of Iowa to find a job in which they are trained. What will brain drain do to future of Iowa. There may be a job for one spouse/partner, but the other has little or no options.

    4) Going green – energy and water safety. We need to continue to be leaders and progressive in green energy. At the same time, farming practices need to be aware of the growing number of cancer cases related to ground water contamination.

    5) national debt and state debt

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