Home Alone II Day 2

The office of the President of the United States keeps a daily schedule of President’s day. Then, there’s the document called the Tick Tock which is the exact thing the President is doing at any given moment.

Here is Sunday’s Tick Tock. How can it be any better than Day One?

0459 Levi decides he wants to be a member of Van and Bonnie’s 4:59 club. I tell him the WHO Radio duo get Sunday morning off from work.

0509 Levi wants to eat since Van and Bonnie are not on the radio.

0520 Levi asks if we can watch Jeriann’s forecast, or maybe Jim Mertens and Julie Sisk on Good Morning Quad Cities.

0530 Levi wants to know if Charles King is still on TV. Dad says no, he’s retired.

0545 Levi falls asleep for a few minutes. Immediately wakes up when set back in crib and realization that mom is nowhere around to help.

0616 Dad gives in trying to get above mentioned 6-month-old back to sleep. Now just trying to keep quiet enough to not wake 3-year-old.

0637 Levi flashes smile to say, “Dad, you still love me, right, even though I got up at 5am?”

0647 Noah hears the party that has started and wants in. He’s ready to be a part of the fun.

0803 Yeager boys arrive at HTLC for 8a service.

0806 Noah is the only speak during the reflection time. However, he does keep quiet the rest of the service, even telling me to shush a couple of times.

0813 Yeager boys head for choir loft to allow Paul to sing in the choir. Levi helps Paul sing by grabbing his face during the anthem.

0820 Levi downs bottle, falls asleep to Pastor Rick’s sermon. I guess he doesn’t like stories about bears.

1002 Levi falls asleep on stroller walk around church neighborhood. The podcast of Rick’s sermon did the trick.

Noah and James riding around on the neighborhood JD Gator. Look out world.

1047 Neighbor boy James comes over to ask Noah to play. The boys now terrorize the neighborhood in their mini-gator. Neighbor girls run for cover of soccer nets.

1200 Attempt to put Levi down for a nap the traditional way.

12:00:20 Levi cries.

1209 Noah tries to nap.

1214 Levi nap attempt aborted. We instead play around and he’s all smiles. Until Noah comes in thinking his 45 minute nap is over. The moment was captured on this video.

Levi and Noah are ready for baseball.

1305 Loaded up for baseball game at Principal Park. Levi wears all Cardinal gear. Noah wears a Cub hat. A house divided? Not sure if going to the game is the brightest idea. But we made it and no one fell over the railing like the crazies in Section 5. Always Section 5.

Noah stares down the batter from his new glove.

Thanks to the stadium worker with our prize for being so late. Huge ups for that. I think Noah likes his prize. He’s got the pitcher’s stare down perfect. I may have to use that this week if he acts up for me.

1500 Depart for home. 4 innings in the books. Longer than Dad expected. We did like the prize and got a nap from Levi on the way home. This time it was just fresh air that did him in. Either that, or Cubbie bear cast a hex on him because he was wearing a Cardinal outfit.

Allie, Paige and Noah playing in the sand.

1530 Prairie City reinforcements arrive. Also Known As The Wood girls. Paige, Allie and Aunt Julie to the rescue.

1745 Camp Yeager established in basement. Noah is in good hands with his cousins.

2045 All boys accounted for. All boys asleep.


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