Yeager Boys Home Alone II – Day 1

We made it through the first half day of the hit sequel “Yeager Boys Home Alone II.” This is the follow-up to February’s hit blog posts.

Amy is on another work trip, this time to Europe and the Netherlands for a week.

Again, it will be just us, with some help from family.

Noah watching airplanes at DMIA.

We dropped off Amy late  this afternoon at the Des Moines International Airport. Noah likes looking at planes, but we can’t see many unless we climb the parking garage, which we did. Noah saw a landing and takeoff and was ready to get back to his movie that had played in the truck on the drive to the airport. The last time we went to the airport, we had to sit in the car and watch, so it was nice to be outdoors to see the planes come in to the airport.

Noah enjoys his grilled cheese at Culver's.

We then hit Culver’s for supper. Big thanks to the staff of helping us exchange sandwiches. I guess I should listen closer the next time a 3-year-old orders food. 57 minutes after paying for our food, it was time to go home. Noah is not the fastest eater, but what else were we going to do tonight?

Here’s a little perspective for our dining time. The same time it took us to eat at Culver’s, Amy was able to fly from Des Moines to Minneapolis.

Levi is flashing the smile.

Levi again just slept for 45 minutes then woke up when he should be sleeping all night. That usually means we’ll be up once overnight. I guess that means I need to go to bed. But when he smiles that like, how can you not want to just hold him all night?

Tomorrow brings Sunday school, choir, hopefully naps, and some playtime with the Wood’s.

Time for bed.

More adventures await.

I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.


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